28 August 2008

Happy hour-ish

Somenlor Ventisquero
Pinot Noir 2006
9USD from somewhere in Burundi
[Friday night Happy Hour(s) in my apartment. Most wine drunk after some of that white wine sangria I love to share]

Nice nose. Fruity, it smelled fruity when I opened it.
It smells like melon. Oaky melon.
Light and easy drinking.
You said that last time. You say that every time. It is always easy drinking

Very smooth. Good length a bit dry but I like that that. I like it dry. A hint of vanilla. A little spicey, a little peppery.
Laid back, you could even have it chilled.

Like being at a piano bar as a new divorcee. (Wearing that dress with the long long long thigh split to here!?)

Better than "getting your colors done" by Kerry!

It's peppery like a night in Kiyovu.

Legs....garlic...no, that's my fingers.
Peppery. Need more. Need a cigarette.

All gone.

21 August 2008

A new wine store does wonders for a small African city

Roberto Rock, Pinot Noir/Pinotage
South Africa RwF 10,000
[Swiss party. "New world" wines found in the new wine store. At a good price. Not good for those Euro-I-don't-drink-new-world-wines-never-even-heard-of-Napa types, but everyone else seems happy]

I smell vanilla. I must have a very sophisticated nose. Ohhh lots of vanilla. How tasty this smell is. After one sip, I find an aftertaste of tea, though I cannot be sure that it is not green tea.

Quite alright. Smooth.

Tastes a little sweet. It looks like we missed out on the chocolate. We should have mentioned the chocolate smell. It is worth a tenner in Kigali. I would buy it again.

It'd go very nice with a cheese souffle. Sunday dinner wine. I think it has an oaky finish, this one actually has an oaky finish!

Smooth like those Sth African guys' moves. Right.

Roast dinner with mum and dad.

One of the better wines that I have had in a while. I can identify with this wine. It has a nice earthy, full figure, a taste that lingers. It has depth. None of the sincere astringency or youthful plumminess that gets boring after a while in this god-damn town; depth and breadth in a good way. But there is playful side. A side that tickles your mouth on the inside, a warm slow tickle that then develops into a sensuous massage in your mouth. Sophia Lorenesque.

Quaffability and arid minds

Donatello Vino Rosso da tavola
RwF 8500 La Galette supermarket
[Dinner with The Australians]

No depth, no length. All front of the teeth.

Fruity undertones with an oaky finish. My comments about wine are always the same. Fruity undertones with an oaky finish.

No nose. No, no nose. No. Now swish it around your mouth, what do you taste?
I like the empty finish. The empty finish, like it is not there. It is empty!

Thin an inoffensive. Not much smell. I need to stick my nose right in the glass and there is nothing there. No stinking.

Very fruity, but that is at the back of the throat, quite dry but then fruit at the back. No middle.

Easy, lazy drinking.

That’ll be a staple wine. It is for quaffing. A quaffing wine.

A lunch time wine!
Steven Irwin, he was too over the top for Australians.

I could throw it down. I like it rock hard.

Somewhere in that arid desert you call a mind there must have been an inkling that what you just said was fucking stupid.

Do you spell quaff this way?