29 July 2008

una donaccia con un vino vinoso

Cicarello Rosso
Merlot del Veneto (2005) Italia
BCK 19200RwF 1.5litre (big mother of a bottle, yah!)
[Sometimes I drink alone]

First day first glass:
Finally a red wine in Kigali that does not smell like fermented plums. A pleasant warmth fills the mouth pretty quickly, and while not as good as a nice bite of the forest floor, it is, dare I say it, earthy to begin with. The earth mother in me, probably suffering from an empty-nest, lamented the speed with which the warmth departed and left me with a tart apple. Why didn't my little warm birds stay?

Day two third glass:
I will read the label, how novel! Described as "viney." Do they mean tastes like gnawing on a old grape vine? The Italian description actually uses the term "vinoso" which is probably more accurately defined as "full wine flavor" (you have to love the Italian use of suffices - my personal favorite is -ccia, as in donaccia). I think I disagree with both translations.

Day three:
The fermented plum strikes again. Drain it.

17 July 2008

Are you fancy?

“Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?” from the American Association of Wine Economists published in the Journal of Wine Economics, Vol. 3, No. 1. Their conclusion: fancy people with lots of training can tell cheap wine from expensive wine, but regular people cannot. http://freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/07/16/cheap-wine/?em&ex=1216440000&en=43675e07e52c0513&ei=5070)

9 July 2008

Wine in Seattle

Santa Barbara Salento Rosso
2003 Italia (BR)
Price unknown (could be cheap?)
[Continued from below]

K: WoW! This is like a chilly pepper. It smells like oak. Like me! Like my vagina!

H: It smells like I am a couple of sheets to the wind already and someone has handed me some tequila.

L: Smells chocolatey.

K: Salty. Dirty. There is something in it that I can't put my finger one.

L: I can put my finger on it.

K: I can't label it. I just can't put my finger on it.

H: You need to be more flexible.

H: Smells better than it tastes. Definitely a smelling wine.

E: Smells like ham.

L: Smells like a tootsie roll.

K: Smells like neroli and orange blossom.

Tart. Thin. Too tart. Too thin. Tinny.

K: Oh! (reading label). It has Montepulciano! That grape... that grape is crazy!

Home vintage

Greenish/brown long neck bottle.
About $7 per bottle (when all is said and done).
[After 53 hours travel/transit, in overgrown sanctuary/backyard, with buddies].

Sitcky. Syrupy, sticks to the edges.
WHen I first drink it it was like a little symphony. Now with (Crotonese) cheese and (Breton) crackers, a new edge is added.

Nice arch.
Smells earthy, musty. Mushroomy. A bitter fruity edge. It gets better the longer it sits in your mouth. Let it sit in your mouth!

Woof woof.

[Additional guests]
Chalky. It'll stay down.
Springy. Like I just jumped off a diving board.

As I drink it, it is, it is not, it is just too thin for me. I like my wine to have back.

At the end, when there is only a drop of wine in the glass, it smells like toast, burnt toast. Like life really.