20 October 2008

that's why the lady is a tramp

Cheapwinelady knew she needed a break when all the cheap wine in Kigali developed a distinct primate aroma, i.e. "this wine smells like monkey, it tastes like monkey too!"

So she hopped off to Rome and indulged in some I-sense-a-pattern-here lovely white wine, enjoyed at Il Moro, a laid-back seafood restaurant on the coast, just outside Rome. But alas, her indulgence left her with little-to-no memory of the name of a deliciously clean and dry white wine. It was along the lines of "Veragnolo" but she cannot be sure. With pickled sarde, seppiette con fagioloni, pasta alla pescatore, and griglia mista, this wine was a dedicated champion of all things that make life worth living for. The Asti (yes, she forgot its name too) was sweet but not cloying and went very well with a (liquor soaked) cake.

Cheapwinelady is concerned that cheap wine in kigali may be too cheap.

She is also concerned that this post is thinly veiled bragging and/or longing for a life that involves more Rome-time. Peccato.

1 October 2008

Elegant label

Cantine Astroni, Aglianico
Italia 2007
7000RwF Simba
[Mid-week dinner with mates. Last minute dash for wine]

Vinegar. I think it is so tsscchheetch it is actually burning all the way down my throat.

Yes, my first sip, I thought vinegary too, then I thought Jasmine.

As I swallow it feels like it scours my throat.

I am trying to find a positive thing to say. No plum. No berry. No spice. No chocolate. No jasmine. No cabbage. No love.

I have had a lot worse and drunk it.

Elegant Label. The label is good.