3 November 2008

lime green envelope. at toast to moi!

Penasol: Tempranillo-Garnacha, Spain (no year)
Approx 5000RwF, Nakumat
[notes taken by those left behind]

Cheap wine lady is currently out of Kigali and was honoured to receive the following correspondence from a fellow cheap-wine(drinker)-in-Kigali:

Ms. X said we must take notes for you, so I grabbed the only piece of paper that was near me at the time (a lime green envelope containing a birthday card) and dutifully took notes…

Has a nose…a bit like dirty tennis shoes…reminds me of my son when he was 17.

It’s got a nose – it’s not great, could do with some work.

Lovely ruby colour…vin rouge.

Prickly on the nostrils.

Sharp, off, Vitamin B….healthy!

Acetic acid

Bitter chemicals

Ooh…I’m not sure about this.

I’ve had enough of the Aussie wine not to notice it is foul.

Light tannins, do I taste oak? If you can taste oak you’ve got a better imagination than I have. No, I don’t taste oak. Citrus, Peppers.

I need to take a wine course.

It’s got good length, not good depth.

I like to say things that are intelligent: it really opens up.

It’s like a shy Englishman; it opens up after a while.

I don’t actually reckon it’s too bad.

It gets better as time goes on.

There you go…reportage direct from Kigali.

Cheap wine lady: direct reportage indeed. And finely executed. I love big noses (more to suck on), have played tennis at least once, imbibed chemicals in my youth, and regularly take vitamin B (thanks Berocca) but shy Englishmen are such an incredible bore. I won't be losing sleep over this one.