28 May 2010

Been around the world and I-I-I I can't find my baby

Mamba Point (or is it Point Mamba?), Italian Restaurant Kamppala.
Price, unknown (but dinner overpriced).Ordered as "red wine" because there was no listing (not even a price list).

This place has a surprisingly high number of ugly-looking youngish people not drinking alcohol on a Friday night. Must be church people...missionaries (or whatever the modern equivalent is). Cheap Wine Lady knows them because they are always in big groups on the KLM flight to Entebbe. Cheap Wine Lady considers that they may not be drinking wine because they had previously tasted this jammy rot and decided against it.

Phil Collins. American girl with bad hair: "I went out with a gynecologist who loves Genesis." Her balding companion, "this is NOT Genesis." He could distinguish between the two, but alas, CWL cannot distinguish this shitful glass of mess juice from a glass of ribena mixed with budget vinegar one would use to clean tiles.

Can you tell that CWL am a little annoyed? YES SHE AM. Also annoyed by the following: a water attraction surrounding the balcony which breeds mosquitoes, one of which bit me twice on the upper regions of my inner right thigh(try scratching that discreetly); a $15 plate of pasta whose sauce was insipid and had chicken liver hidden with the "lamb"; Phil Collins; stale bread with some tomato based dragged across it "from the chef"; the American girl asking the provenance of each cut of meat on the sizable menu ("we buy it all in Kansas, madam"); Genesis; the Italian guy who clearly had an in with the staff and got a bottle of wine (maybe there IS a list?); bad hair days; and weak tea.

At least the salad was nice.

Cheap wine lady needs a lie down to brace herself for her biggest challenge yet: finding a drinkable glass of wine in Kampala.