23 January 2009

Blue Bayou

Drodstyhof, Red. Priceless.
Delivered and drunk from a snowgum plastic traveler by drinking buddy (DB). Can life get any better than this?

Smells and take like toffee and cola. That might be the remainder of the coca cola I had this afternoon. MMMmmm warm coke and cheap wine, a cocktail? DB is sitting on the bed beside me, she can taste toffee now too. But DB’s nose is itchy and she has a parasite. DB's parasite is a wine connoisseur. So cheap wine lady had a little chat with it.

Me: Noseless, don't you think?

Parasite: Are you kidding man? Get a whiff of those dried plums!

Me: You mean prunes?

Parasite: I dunno, but it is there and it is strong and ripe and would almost be delicious if had some more body. I like my wine like I like my women. Gimme some ripe and curvy, voluptuous fullness! Get the girl to drink some more, I be thirsty. By the way, tell her stop with the meds already, it hurts my feelings.

Me: I taste those plums! I taste boiled fruit and sugar. A little spice.

Parasite: That's nice.

Me: You?

Parasite: It tastes dark. If you can taste dark. This is a dark wine. Like the dark emotional state I enter when pondering my mortality. We are all going to die some day aren't we?

Me: With bad Kenyarn ice-cream it tastes like Rwandan ham that has turned.

Parasite: Fuck the ham,I am utterly and thoroughly depressed that this girl wants to kill me. Where is my beautiful house?