1 June 2010

Lick the whisk!

Horse Mountain Pinotage, 2009
55000UGX at Cayenne Restaurant

First sip is like a breath of whipped cream landing in your mouth. Soft and chewy. It fills your mouth in the most unobstructive way. Earthy yet light enough to eat with tilapia cakes; substantial enough to carry the evening (and carry it did, all two bottles of it, it also carried an in appropriate number of high fives, a lengthy discussion of the problems inherent in a term like "human trafficking", a not-too-bad greek salad, invitations to Seattle for at least half of the city of Kampala, mzungu dance demos, chickens, dancing chickens, and, as I was later informed some drunken skyping to all and sundry). If every photo of me was taken by this bottle, my purple- stained grin would be as wide Jinja road is long. And that road goes all the way to Jinja!

Cheap wine lady apologizes to Kampala for the last post's outburst.
This stuff was delicious. It was not all that cheap, but worth drinking.

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