10 June 2010

I got a fish in my dish

Hotel Restaurant x 2
Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, Zonneblom, South Africa

Cheap wine lady and a friend decide to have dinner. "A steak!" she cries. For wine, madam, take your pick from our list, and when, only when you have made your selection, I will tell you that the one that you want is not available ("last bottle just sold"), your second choice elicited the same response (last bottle also just sold), your third and fourth the same, until, I tell you that is only two to choose from: a Sth African Cab Sav (really?) or a South African Merlot (UGH). Cheap wine lady was backed into a corner, and ordered the former.

Last 2 one eighth of a glass:

Friend: Do you know the name of it?

cheap wine lady: Name of what? Pray tell, name of what?

F: The wine, silly, the wine

cwl: The wine?

F: Yes, the wine, do you know it's name?

cwl: Looks like a Sally to me, like the one with the dog named spot

F: I taste oak, you can write that.

cwl: (Stands up and gestures a la 19th century melodramatiste) cheap wine lady does not write! Nay! She drinks, she feels, she scribbles and scratches, she daubles and dashes, and then words spew forth like the bubbles, bubbles I say!, bubbles in your bath water, darling, the bubbles!

F: (returning from a brief sojourn in the bathroom) who exactly are you speaking to?

Little wood and leather on the nose.
No fruit, as was described by lying waitress, to taste, which is fine by cheap wine lady; but altogether this wine is forgettable. And cheap wine lady forgot it.

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